Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lucktastic! Scratch-off Lottery Ticket App

Lucktastic is a great virtual scratch-off lottery ticket app!
I play it nearly every day.  It's somewhat addictive especially if you are collecting your points for a sweet reward.  I'm currently saving my points for an Applebee's $25 gift card.

Game Screen

I didn't win $1500 but I still earned 10 tokens. :)

See!  10 tokens earned. 

Top Right shows my current balance (21,636).  My goal is 70,000.
There are also daily rewards and the cards do expire so it's best to play daily.

Some of the rewards.....lower amount of tokens.

Middle range of rewards.

How do you earn points?
Simple - You play all of your available scratch-off tickets.  You may not win money but you will earn tokens for each card completed.  Even if you don't ever win cash you will always be able to collect points from scratch-off cards and other tasks to redeem for rewards like gift cards or entries in the variety of prize drawings that are held.