Saturday, January 13, 2018

Day 6 - 1/13/18

Today is day 6 of my Keto journey.  Last night my willpower was tested.  I had to go to my in-laws for dinner and they did individual pizzas and pineapple upside down cake.  I ate before I went and after I got home.  I didn't eat anything there.  My mother-in-law was intrigued with this new diet and how I had lost 6lbs.  She vowed that she and her older daughter would be joining me on the diet starting Monday. 

I did not sleep well last night and today I've gained weight. I tried to drink coffee and eat yogurt this morning but nothing tastes good.  Let's see what happened here.

Today's stats:

Comparison from yesterday:

Weight: 266.8            up 1.4lbs
Bone: 5.2                   up 0.2 lbs
Body fat: 56.9%        up 0.2%
Muscle Mass: 109.6  up 0.2lbs
Body Water: 31.5%    down 0.1%
Visceral Fat: same
BMI: 49.1                  up 0.3
BMR: 2569                up 8ckal

So it looks like I gained 0.2lbs of bone, 0.2lbs of muscle and went up 0.2% in body fat.

 Yesterday's food stats/Macros:

I think I did pretty well yesterday on my macros.  Perhaps it's the lack of sleep that has put me off kilter.  I think tomorrow I may try a fast.  I want to see how long I can go without needing to eat to extend ketosis. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

How to Search an Image.

A co-worker of mine turned me on to this show called "Catfish."  The show is produced by MTV and I've been watching it on Hulu.  The show is about people who fall in love on the internet but have never met.  So far in every episode when the people meet up at least one of the two people involved have turned out to be totally different than their online persona.

I've met quite a few people on the internet.  I've never met anyone who didn't match their pictures.  However, I've met a few that have turned out to not be the person on the inside that I expected. There were also a few that later down the line showed their true colors and they were not the person I thought they were.

I noticed on the show that they would investigate one of parties involved and find out before hand to some degree if they are who they say they are.  In some investigations it becomes clear that there are things that are not truthful or things totally unfold when they get there.

One of the tools they use is a Google Image Search.   I've looked for images on the internet but I've never thought to run a scan on a photo of someone online.  Typically when I meet someone online I ask them for their name and try to find out what year they were born.  After I have that information I can search public records to see if I can find any arrest records.

I love finding new ways to find information.  I also love ways to keep my personal anonymity on the internet.  My first test of this tool was to take a picture of myself on the internet to see if I appear anywhere else.  I'm happy to confirm that I only show up where I should.  It also tagged my picture as glasses and displayed several pictures of other women with glasses similar to mine.

Below is a step-by-step guide on one way how to use Google Images to search for images:
Go to and click images in the upper right hand corner.  The picture shown is the Google Images search.

Click on the Camera Icon to search by a saved image.  This is how I checked to see if my photo was being used on another site without my permission.

Click on Upload an Image to upload an image saved on your device.

Click Choose File to find a picture on your device.

The top Red box is my picture.  It tagged it as glasses and then showed me a bunch of people who have glasses similar to mine.  

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Advertising Research Study - Earn Money using Facebook to use on Amazon

Ok Thrifty Shoppers here's another cool program I found.  It's an Advertising Research Study.  After you register you receive a reward within 24 hours.  Every day you earn about $2.50 for completing what is required of you (will be listed below).  They payout to my Amazon account twice a month.

Here's the text from their sign up page.  I will also post a link below so you can go directly to this page.

"A research study being lead by one of the top advertising research firms in the country is actively seeking participants. Scientific Ads research firm helps build case studies by building databases’ of social media advertising and anonymous interactive data, which we contract with brands to help them produce better products and build more effective marketing campaigns. Our clients include everyone from startups in Silicon Valley to a handful of Fortune 500 companies. 

We are looking for regular computer and social media users to participate in our studies, to be eligible, you must:
 - Be 22-62 years old. 
- Own a desktop computer and mobile phone. 
- Use your computer at least 3 hours a day. 
- Be a member of Facebook, and own an active email account. 
- Be available for weekly or bi-weekly questionnaires via email or phone. 
- Meet additional screening criteria. 

If you would like to apply for this study, please complete this online questionnaire: === QUALIFICATION SURVEY HERE 

Study participation will last a minimum of 2 weeks and could last up to 16 weeks. You will be asked to continue your normal social media behaviors, download our research software and answer feedback and research questions. 

Participants will be compensated $200.00 a month for engaging in the study to be paid via Amazon gift card. 

Data collection will include questionnaires, advertising feedback, and user action information. Any personal information provided is secured, anonymized and solely for research and licensed advertising clientele purposes. We follow a strict privacy policy. 

If your responses satisfy the participation requirements, we’ll contact you with a few more questions via email; if you qualify we’ll send final registration and setup information. Thank you!"

Friday, May 27, 2016

SnagShout - Review Products from

Do you love trying new products?
              Do you love shopping on

                           Do you have an Amazon Prime account?

                                        Do you love reviewing cool products?

                          Finally................Do you love discounts?  :)

If you have said yes to one or more of the above statements I have the perfect program for you!

I can't remember how I found this program but I've ordered and reviewed 3 very awesome items so far.  It's a super simple program.  I signed up using my Facebook account and linked my account.  I then searched for products that I was interested in.

At first you can only claim one Snag at a time.  After you review the product and your review is approved you will have the opportunity to purchase and review more products.  

So far I have reviewed the following products: 
  • California Products - Sleep Formula
  • Ultimate Aromatherapy Gift Set - Premiu Rechargea
  • ANNKE 960P HD WiFi IP Camera, Wireless IP Camera
If you want to review cool products like these sign up below. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lucktastic! Scratch-off Lottery Ticket App

Lucktastic is a great virtual scratch-off lottery ticket app!
I play it nearly every day.  It's somewhat addictive especially if you are collecting your points for a sweet reward.  I'm currently saving my points for an Applebee's $25 gift card.

Game Screen

I didn't win $1500 but I still earned 10 tokens. :)

See!  10 tokens earned. 

Top Right shows my current balance (21,636).  My goal is 70,000.
There are also daily rewards and the cards do expire so it's best to play daily.

Some of the rewards.....lower amount of tokens.

Middle range of rewards.

How do you earn points?
Simple - You play all of your available scratch-off tickets.  You may not win money but you will earn tokens for each card completed.  Even if you don't ever win cash you will always be able to collect points from scratch-off cards and other tasks to redeem for rewards like gift cards or entries in the variety of prize drawings that are held.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Google Opinion Rewards

Thanks to one of my co-workers I've found another cool reward app!  It's called Google Opinion Rewards.  You can get it by going to the Google Play store on your phone and downloading it.
Once it's set up it will randomly send you surveys to take for a possible reward.  I haven't been using it very long an I can say Out of 15 surveys only 2 have been unpaid.  The rest varied from $0.10 to $1.00.

Click Here to Download Google Opinion Rewards

The money you earn is basically credits for the Google Play store and you can use them to buy apps, books, movies, or anything else you can purchase with Google Play credits.

Monday, May 9, 2016 DNA Test

First let me say this was an awesome experience.   However, now I also know what it's like to be lied to my entire life.  Seriously, this test tells the truth and I was very surprised.
From year's of asking and being told for most of my life I was Native American, German, Dutch, and Irish I then figured out through research and other members of my family researching that my Grandfather was German and Pennsylvania Dutch (so....German and German).  They always said Irish but had no idea from where.  I was supposed to have Native American on both sides of my family and several different tribes, at that.
Then I researched my last name, my mother's maiden name, and her mother's maiden name.  My real last name which I'm not going to put on here is English, my mother's maiden name is German, and her mother's maiden name is so incredibly English.   I then found from my aunt's research that we were descendants of the McCoy's so I then knew we were probably also Scottish.
So with no are my results :

Some of these were of no surprise : Great Britain, Ireland, Europe West, European Jewish. 
Some made sense considering how I look or traditions of my family: Iberian Peninsula, Italy/Greece, and Scandinavia.
Some were absolutely shocking: Finland/Northwest Russia and Asia South....what the...Asia South???
Some of these are really general locations so I'm going to break the regions down.
  • Asia South: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma)
  • Great Britain: Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy
  • Ireland: Ireland, Wales, Scotland (can also be found in France and England)
  • Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway, Denmark (also found in Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Baltic States, Finland)
  • Iberian Peninsula: Spain, Portugal (also found in France, Morocco, Algeria, and Italy)
  • Europe West: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein (also found in England, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic)
  • European Jewish: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Israel (also found in Germany, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, and Estonia)
  • Italy/Greece: Italy, Greece (also found in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Algeria, Tunisia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo)
  • Finland/Northwest Russia: Finland, Russia (NW) (also found in Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, and Lithuania)
I also learned that when you run your DNA through Ancestry any other relatives you have that have also done this will suddenly become linked to you.   I found my aunt's (my dad's older sister).
She matched me on the following locations: Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula, Europe West, European Jewish, and Italy/Greece.  In addition she had the Middle East on her's.  
It's important to remember that DNA is random.  So the only people that should the same DNA would be Identical twins.  You and your sibling could have similar DNA but one of you have more of one ethnicity than another and this is why you don't all looks exactly the same.  The amount of DNA you inherit from different ethnicities affects your appearance.

If you are interested in checking this out use my link for 10% off - Click Here Ancestry DNA