Sunday, May 29, 2016

Advertising Research Study - Earn Money using Facebook to use on Amazon

Ok Thrifty Shoppers here's another cool program I found.  It's an Advertising Research Study.  After you register you receive a reward within 24 hours.  Every day you earn about $2.50 for completing what is required of you (will be listed below).  They payout to my Amazon account twice a month.

Here's the text from their sign up page.  I will also post a link below so you can go directly to this page.

"A research study being lead by one of the top advertising research firms in the country is actively seeking participants. Scientific Ads research firm helps build case studies by building databases’ of social media advertising and anonymous interactive data, which we contract with brands to help them produce better products and build more effective marketing campaigns. Our clients include everyone from startups in Silicon Valley to a handful of Fortune 500 companies. 

We are looking for regular computer and social media users to participate in our studies, to be eligible, you must:
 - Be 22-62 years old. 
- Own a desktop computer and mobile phone. 
- Use your computer at least 3 hours a day. 
- Be a member of Facebook, and own an active email account. 
- Be available for weekly or bi-weekly questionnaires via email or phone. 
- Meet additional screening criteria. 

If you would like to apply for this study, please complete this online questionnaire: === QUALIFICATION SURVEY HERE 

Study participation will last a minimum of 2 weeks and could last up to 16 weeks. You will be asked to continue your normal social media behaviors, download our research software and answer feedback and research questions. 

Participants will be compensated $200.00 a month for engaging in the study to be paid via Amazon gift card. 

Data collection will include questionnaires, advertising feedback, and user action information. Any personal information provided is secured, anonymized and solely for research and licensed advertising clientele purposes. We follow a strict privacy policy. 

If your responses satisfy the participation requirements, we’ll contact you with a few more questions via email; if you qualify we’ll send final registration and setup information. Thank you!"