Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life Hacks

I have to admit I love Life Hacks.  Anything that makes life easier gets an A+ in my book!

I noticed recently that one of the things I've done for years is now coming up in a list of life hacks!
I used to be an avid Amp energy drinker and I hate drinking straight out of cans.  The only way to get the straw to stay in was to do this.  I had someone tell me it's also a great thing to do to help when chugging beer, lol. 

Here are some other's I've tried that has worked!

Put your phone on airplane mode when you need it to charge faster.  Once the phone is in airplane mode it won't be sucking up energy trying to do multiple things while charging.

 Here are some great ones I want to try!

Account Killer
 I went to the site and it looks awesome.  There's a multitude of sites to choose from.

Here's a great link for directions on how to make this crib: Baby Bed to Desk Directions

Who doesn't love a good BLT?

I guess this would be a better use for those candles once you get done laughing.

This would probably be better than me stabbing plastic packaging with knives.

This looks better than hammering your hand.

Who doesn't love chocolate?  Cures migraines, reduces heart disease and cancer, boots appetite, makes you live longer, can work as a pain-relievers, and can reduce stress! Amazing!

I love repurposing things and what a wonderful way to hide things!

 I struggle with keeping eye contact with certain people.  I do know that when I'm able to maintain it I feel more powerful in the end.

This is common sense.  It's something you learn when you learn fire safety.

I like this!  I always forget my list or forget what I actually have.

 I'll have to try this.  I always have a suction issue when putting in the bag and taking it out!
I don't drink or smoke but I bet this would work to curb other bad habits.

I'm going to do this!  I have several allergies that emergency response would need to know about.

This site is pretty awesome!

Looks like a great idea!

 Ah, had I known this in college nutrition.
I'll have to try this one.

This would be a great idea on most phones.  My phone is always locked so they would have to get through that first.

I always roll my clothes.  Next time I go somewhere I'm going to try this method.

 This site is really awesome!  It has a lot of questions I've been asked in interviews as well as questions I've asked while conducting interviews.

I love random knowledge!

I've used Velcro for similar things, never thought about the remote!

So that's how you cover the bread!

I'm pretty positive this works.  My grandfather used to use a 20oz bottle of water instead of a brick.

Wonder if this really works?

This is the only way I know how to tie a tie.

This looks like an awesome storage idea!

Works in volcanoes why not my sink!