Saturday, May 7, 2016

UltimateRevShare *UPDATE*

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I'm going to start by prefacing this post with the fact that I usually do not post about any programs until I've used them and seen results.  With that being said,  I believe this current program I am experimenting with will be fruitful.  I say this merely based on how their system works and how supportive they are on their Facebook page.  They are also currently upgrading their systems which seems very promising as well.  While they are upgrading they've suspended the ability to purchase media packs however it seems (according to the feedback on their Facebook page) they are still processing payments.

**Update**  The site is back online and I've already earned more money.  I posted this article at 10:03 PM EST. It is now 12:13 AM EST and my Cash Balance is now $2.746, my Repurchase Balance is $1.096, my Media Pack Earnings are $7.842, I still have $0 in Commissions, and 27 Active Media Packs.  According to the announcement surfing will start on May 15th.

**FYI** If you join, be sure to join their Facebook group as well. :)

Since I feel so confident about this system I'm sharing with you snipets from my own personal page.  I want you to see what I've invested, what I've earned so far, and what I will potentially continue to earn until the packs expire or I reach the investment limit ($2,000).
So as you can clearly see I've only invested $23.  With that $23 I purchased 23 media packs at $1/each.  
  • On 5/1 I purchased 10 media packs. 
    • I've earned $5.20 so far.
    • I expect to earn a total of $30 on those packs (300%)
  • On 5/4 I purchased 15 media packs (13 from cash and 2 from repurchase/cash balance).
    • I've earned $2.178 so far.
    • I expect to earn a total of $45 on those packs (300%)
  • Half of my earning from the packs go to my Cash Balance and the other half goes to my Repurchase Balance.
    • With the Repurchase Balance I've purchased 2 more Media Packs.
    • These will earn a total of $6.00
  • I will continue to use my repurchase balance to purchase more packs.
  • I will withdraw $25 once I've reached that in my cash balance to remove my seed money plus $2 to round up. lol.
  • After I've removed my seed money I will use both balances to repurchase packs until I max out.
  • Max is $2,000 invested.
    • This will result in $6,000 in earnings.
    • You can withdraw $120.00 per day.
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**UPDATE** 5/8 - Current stats: Cash Balance: $4.017, Repurchase Balance $0.367, Media Pack Earnings $10.384, Commission Earnings $0.00, Active Media Packs 29. I used my previous Repurchase Balance to purchase another Media pack. I also noticed I now have 1 Referral.  Thank you whoever you are!!! :)

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**UPDATE** 5/15 - Current stats: Cash Balance: $6.134, Repurchase Balance $ 0.510, Media Pack Earnings $ 42.644, Commission Earnings $0.00, Active Media Packs 49, Ads to Surf 0.

They've completed the updates to the website and they've made some updates to the program as well.  As of today Surfing 5 ads per day is required.  URS now has about 24,000 members in less than 3 months.  Here are the new updates to the program;

  • There is now a $10/mo. membership fee (must be paid directly from your processor not from earnings).  Failure to pay = failure to withdraw from the system.  This fee does not apply to members who only have starter packages. :)   This fee only applies to those with the advanced - elite packages (TBD).
  • Deposits/Withdraws - Only deposits made via your payment processors will count towards your total deposit figure.  The withdraw cap has been moved from 300% to 400%.  There is no longer a cap on the amount you can deposit.  Ex.  If you deposit $500 you can withdraw a total of $2,000.  If you deposit $2,000 you can withdraw a total of $8,000.  Minimum deposit amount remains at $5.00.  June 1st.  
  • New plan for daily returns (Starts June 1st) - Starter packs cap at 7% daily returns.  Advanced packs cap at 6% daily returns.  Expert packs cap at 5% daily returns.  Pro packs cap at 4% daily returns. VIP packs cap at 3% daily returns and Elite packs cap at 2% daily returns.
  • Daily max withdraw will be raised from $120 to $150 (TBD). 
  • In order to make a withdraw commissions from the system you must maintain 100 media packs.  Effective Sunday May 22nd.
I think these are some great changes that will help ensure stability of the business.


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**Update!** 5/29/16 **

My last update was on 5/25/16.  At that time I had 82 ad packs.  Since then I've invested some more of my own funds to get myself to at least 100 starter packs.  I've decided for now I'm only going to work on the starter packs since I don't max out until 300.
Also they've added some new rules like paid membership for anyone who has advanced packs and higher.  You also would need to purchase a membership if you are earning over $10 or want to withdraw more than $10 per day.
The first level of membership is $10 per month and allows you to withdraw $50 per day.  Right now I'm not quite earning $10 per day so there's no reason for me to pay until I exceed that threshold.